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  JP Journal of Applied Mathematics
Editorial Board
Ananthaswamy, V.
Department of Mathematics
The Madura College (Autonomous)
Madurai, Tamil Nadu
[Applied differential equations, Applied linear and non linear partial differential equations, Mathematical modeling, Approximation techniques, Perturbation technique, Numerical and mathematical analysis, Computational mathematics, Computational and mathematical modeling, Mathematical biology, Solving nonlinear differential equations in ecological systems]
Bermejo, Rodolfo
Department of Applied Mathematics
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
José Gutiérrez Abascal 2, 28006 Madrid

Boniello, Carmine
University of Salerno
Fisciano, Salerno
[Nash equilibrium, differential equations, marketing, risk theory]

Chen, Chi-Ming
Department of Applied Mathematics
National Hsinchu University of Education
[Functional analysis, Fixed point theory]
Chen, Hongkui
Department of Applied Mathematics
Chang'an University
Xi’an 710064
P. R. China
Chen, Yuqing
Faculty of Applied Mathematics
Guangdong University of Technology
Guangzhou, Guangdong 510006
P. R. China
[Nonlinear operator theory, Topological degree theory, Variational inequality theory and nonlinear evolution equations]
Fard, Omid Solaymani
Department of Applied Mathematics
School of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science
Damghan University
[Numerical methods for ordinary, Fuzzy and stochastic differential equations]
Haque, Mainul
School of Mathematical Sciences
University of Nottingham
Nottingham, NG7 2RD
U. K.
[Dynamical systems, Mathematical biology: gene regulatory networks, Mathematical ecology, Epidemiology, eco-epidemiology, Diffusion and pattern formation in medicine and biology, Chaos]

Huang, Shuechin
Department of Applied Mathematics
Dong Hwa University
Hualien 97401
[Fixed-point theorems" [MSC: 47H10] is my specialty]

Huo, Hai-Feng
Institute of Applied Mathematics
Lanzhou University of Technology
Lanzhou, Gansu 730050
P. R. China
[Differential equation, Mathbiology]
Li, Xiaodi
School of Mathematical Sciences
Shandong Normal University
Ji'nan, 250014, Shandong
P. R. China
[stability theory, equations with impulses, global stability, neural networks, Lyapunov stability]
Merlone, Ugo
Department of Statistics and Applied Mathematics
University of Torino
Corso Unione Sovietica 218 bis, Torino I-10134
[Mathematics for complex systems, Social sciences]
Peng, Yahong
Department of Applied Mathematics
Donghua University
Shanghai 200051
P. R. China
[Nonlinear geometric optics for hyperbolic systems, Shock waves and traveling waves in nonlinear partial differential equations, Bifurcation theory of delay differential equations, Applications of nonlinear differential equations to physics, Biology and other fields]

Qin, Yuming
Department of Applied Mathematics
Donghua University
Shanghai 201620
P. R. China
[Global wellposedness and asymptotic behavior of solutions (including infinite-dimensional dynamical systems such as the existence of global attractors, Uniform attractors, Pull-back attractors, Random attractors and Hausdorff , Fractal dimensions estimates)  to nonlinear evolutionary partial equations such as parabolic equations, Hyperbolic equations, Parabolic-hyperbolic coupled systems in fluid mechanics (e.g., Navier-Stokes equations, Navier-Stokes-Poisson equations, Navier-Stokes-Fourier equations, MHD, Radiative fluids equations and liquid crystal) and material sciences (e.g., thermoviscoelastic equations,  Viscoleastic equations, Thermoelastic equations), etc.]

Soufyane, Abdelaziz
College of Engineering and Applied Sciences
P. O. Box 38772, Abu Dhabi
[Partial differential equations and applications, Stabilization of partial differential equations, Control theory, Asymptotic behavior of the solutions, Numerical approximation, Applied optimization problems]
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